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Issue 565
May 29
Healthcare Strategy
Patients trusting HCPs less, own research more
Source: Monigle

A new report from Monigle is the company's sixth (!) about healthcare consumers in the US. It is based on 3,000 survey responses from November to December last year.

Less Trust for HCPs

The following chart shows the distrust for HCPs. Note that 31% distrust likely means 69% trust so most Americans do trust their doctors. However, check out the kick in the distrust number for 25-34 year-olds. 

Image adapted for email from Monigle source
Segments Investigated

The report goes into detail about seven different segments and it's worth looking at for that detail. 

Image adapted for email from Monigle source

When asked how these segments preferred self-care the whole-health segment is top of the list.

Image adapted for email from Monigle source
"My Own Research" On the Rise

The distrust of HCPs is reflected in the rise of "my own research" in respondents. Note that it's only returning to 2020 levels but at that time we were in the middle of COVID-19 chaos and that was a high mark in this metric.

Image adapted for email from Monigle source

This report is interesting for anyone talking to healthcare consumers. The 67-page report has a ton of insights. 

Read the full story from Monigle
Market Research
CMOs under budget pressure, increase spend on social and digital video most
Source: Gartner

New research from Gartner looks at how CMOs are dealing with budget pressures. 71% believe they don't have enough budget to execute on their strategy (we wonder if that is actually different from other years).

What they are spending on in tough times are social and digital video... plus a full range of other channels. Note that none of the channels is seeing a majority reduce spend, but some are more volatile than others.

Image adapted for email from Gartner source

Influencer marketing wins at being the channel with the least decrease, but that might be a side effect of it being a younger tactic.

The press release linked has more information but the full report is available only to Gartner customers.

Read the full story from Gartner
"Healthy" patients at risk for prediabetes
Source: Klick Health

Scientists at Klick Labs have found a way to detect people at risk for diabetes before a doctor would make the same diagnosis. The results are in the peer-reviewed "Homeostasis as a proportional–integral control system" published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health.

Shown visually, we can see that 29% of males and 21% of females defined as "healthy" by clinicians actually exhibit symptoms of pre-diabetes.

Image derived from data in study

This result shows that over one-in-five patients who could use diet and exercise to avoid potential type-2 diabetes and improve their quality of life while saving health systems money in the long run.

Read the full story from Klick Health
What’s Next for TikTok?

Wondering why TikTok has become so influential in healthcare social media? Or what the platform’s legal troubles could mean for life sciences marketing moving forward? Discover these answers and more in Klick Media’s latest POV. 

Download POV
Connected TV
Digital picking up the slack in US TV upfronts
Source: eMarketer

All growth in TV upfronts is coming from digital platforms as linear TV stagnates. To be clear, it's not dropping like a rock, but it's slowly eroding as the audience ages and digital invades more homes on the big screens. 

Thanks to MNTN this report "Upfront TV and  Digital Video Forecasts  and Trends 2023" is available for free from Insider Intelligence. It highlights how much growth is happening in the digital side of video and TV.

Image adapted for email from eMarketer source

If your brand is into TV and/or CTV this report is a must-read.

Read the full story from eMarketer
Healthcare Strategy
Convenience, cost driving patients to pharmacies
Source: Wolters Kluwer

Americans are heading to the pharmacy for their non-emergency medical care. They are doing this for both cost and convenience reasons. 

Image adapted for email from Wolters Kluwer source

This activity is skewed younger with both Millennials and Gen-Z above 50%.

Image adapted for email from Wolters Kluwer source

Check out the infographic for details on patients' views on pharmacists and their desire for generic medications.

Read the full story from Wolters Kluwer
Google adding GenAI to search
Source: TechCrunch

Google got scooped by Bing for adding AI to it's search offering but it's arriving nonetheless. 

Image adapted for email from TechCrunch source

With this new update, Google says users can easily get up to speed on a new or complicated topic. Say you’re looking to get information about a topic that you would normally have to break down into separate queries. Search will now provide an AI-powered snapshot so you can get help understanding what factors to consider when you type in a query, like “learning ukulele vs guitar.”


Read the full story from TechCrunch
Different. Better. Proven.

Klick Media is in the habit of backing up our bold statements. So when we say we deliver true growth for our partners as a full-service media agency, our work speaks for itself. 

Learn more
Pinterest increasing diversity in search results
Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest is increasing skin tone representation in its image search and related products results. Below are two results looking for a white shirt.

Image adapted for email from Social Media Today source

This was the source image so you can see that the more diverse results are expanding skin tones away from the original image.

Image adapted for email from Social Media Today source

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into the daily lives of billions of people globally, it is crucial for online platforms to reflect the diverse communities they serve. Improving representation online can facilitate content discovery for a more diverse user base by reflecting their inclusion on the platform. This, in turn, demonstrates the platform’s ability to meet their needs and preferences.”


We would also point out that image generation tools such as Midjourney, if they use Pinterest as an image source, may slowly edge towards more diversity as a result. That's a big "may" because it depends on a lot of unknown (and perhaps unknowable) technical details.

Avid Wire readers may note that we don't talk about Pinterest very often because to date they do not accept advertising from pharma companies. I'm not sure what our NDA status is with Pinterest (don't talk directly to the audience -Ed.) so I'll leave it at that. But you may want to reach out to your Social Strategy contact at Klick (opportunistic, I like it -Ed.).

Read the full story from Social Media Today
Twitter is pivoting towards long-form video
Source: Social Media Today

Twitter is leaning into video in a big way. The company has enabled long form and is now enabling picture-in-picture functionality similar to YouTube. 

Image adapted for email from Social Media Today source

In the past, this may have been overwhelming, given our alignment to singular video feeds being presented to us, via a TV or movie screen. But maybe now, consumption behaviors have shifted enough that users will actually be more open to the PiP display, and it could resonate stronger with Twitter users.


Also in Twitter news. The company that was spoofed with a paid validated account that tweeted that insulin was now free has rejoined the platform. That is a pretty strong signal that the platform is still important to pharma.

Read the full story from Social Media Today
China surging in oncology trials
Source: IQVIA

First, an admission, this story isn't particularly "digital." However, when we saw (more formal, please -Ed.) an IQVIA report on global oncology trials we knew some of our audience would be interested. 

This 75-page report is chock full of interesting detail on oncology trials worldwide and shows that China is literally (figuratively -Ed.) exploding with new trials and taking a much larger share of the global pie.

Image adapted for email from IQVIA source

Meanwhile, AI and related technologies do not seem to be making a dent in the phase I to III survivability of trials. They are growing in numbers but look proportional to this untrained eye (sigh -Ed.).

Image adapted for email from IQVIA source

There's a lot more data in this report, and anyone interested in oncology clinical trials will want it.

Read the full story from IQVIA
Content Marketing is a genius move
Source: The Drum

Content that makes fun of your detractors is prime pharma territory. Hear me out (stop talking to the audience -Ed.).

Pharma lives in a world where our patients have a very different (and more positive) view of us than the general population (Klick Wire from Feb 06). So we're in a great place to play on that variance, similar to Oatly who does not care in the least what MAGA Republicans think about their milk replacement drink.

Because they wanted to galvanize their pro-Oatly market they created "" This site pokes fun at all the manufactured social media misinformation and just plain bad press over the past few years.

Image adapted for email from The Drum source

The way the company leaned in to the various social media "controversies" is epic and worth a read for contrarian marketers who believe in doubling-down on the people who actually care about the brand.

Read the full story from The Drum
Social Media
Social marketers can't keep up
Source: Marketing Charts

When asked about the top challenges with marketing on social media, marketers said keeping up with trends and topics.

Image adapted for email from Marketing Charts source

For pharma you would likely want to reverse these (Meta interface changes, anyone?) but regardless they're both important.

Read the full story from Marketing Charts
YouTube dislikes Stories, subscribes to Shorts
Source: Mashable

YouTube is abandoning Stories (what was that? -Ed.) but Shorts are still available to disrupt your experience (don't talk to the audience -Ed.).

YouTube explained that the reason its dropping YouTube Stories was so that it could focus on its other, more popular recent features. The company specifically focused on its shortform video feature, YouTube Shorts, as well as Community posts.


Shorts are the TikTok clone but Stories were the Snapchat clone. Pretty much says it all.

Read the full story from Mashable
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