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Issue 540
November 14
HCP Opinions
Does it work? Oncologists' main question
Source: ZoomRx

Research from ZoomRx looked at 30k interactions between HCPs and Reps for 500+ oncology brands to see what worked best. The results are worth investigating.

Does it Work?

By far the most important topic for oncologists was efficacy. In fact nothing comes even remotely close. These messages were both effective and recalled by the HCPs.

Image adapted for email from ZoomRx source

(A bit of overkill with the arrows, they get it -Ed.)

Keep it Short With Three Data Points

The way to approach any heuristic is carefully, but that said they are still a ton of fun. In this study ZoomRx found that messages of 10-14 words and three data points were most effective.

Image adapted for email from ZoomRx source
Image adapted for email from ZoomRx source

Short messages with data points are almost purpose-made for Twitter. The use of the platform surrounding congresses should be evaluated more against HCP usage than the Musk-created headwinds the platform is dealing with.

Grab a copy off of ZoomRx's blog to get the full story. 

Read the full story from ZoomRx
Twitter quickly crumbling under Musk leadership
Source: The Independent

Last week was a busy one for Twitter as the company and its detractors worked hard to bury its potential chances for survival. Elon Musk made sure to do his part to destroy any remaining company morale and almost guarantee its failure.

If this opening sounds negative it's partially because we wanted the platform to succeed. In the past it has provided fertile ground for social campaigns with good ROAS. However, last week made it clear that "wait and see" is turning into "run and flee" (not convinced the rhyme is necessary -Ed.) for many advertisers.

Lax $8 Verification Cost Three Pharma

First on the leaderboard is the now-infamous "free insulin" post from a fake-but-verified account. That sent the stock prices of three pharma companies down to the tune of many, many dollars. While they will certainly return to correct valuations no company welcomes that kind of volatility (click the image for original Tweet).

Image adapted for email from The Independent source
Advertiser Briefing Has Too Many Unknowns

Approximately 100,000 brands sat in on a Twitter Spaces broadcast, probably more than had ever used it previously (snarky -Ed.), to hear about the platform's plans to curb misinformation and make it safer. It's important to note here that pre-Musk the platform wasn't perfect but it was acceptable. Post-Musk the worries are that hate and misinformation will increase. 

Twitter’s head of safety & integrity, Yoel Roth said that the platform has actually gotten safer since Musk took over, citing a stat that the level of hateful activity on Twitter is 95% lower than it was before the acquisition.


However, that's a tough "fact" to accept when the company's Chief Information Security Officer Lea Kissner has quit plus the chief privacy officer and chief compliance officer. The FTC is reportedly keeping careful tabs on the actions of the company.

Also, the New York Times highlights voting misinformation during the midterm elections and says that it was worse than would have been expected pre-Musk.

Musk Ensuring Workers are Demoralized

All of these problems could still be solved with a good plan and an enthusiastic workforce to implement it (here it comes -Ed.).

However, Musk made sure to prove his disdain for his workforce in his first address to the employees. Some main points:


Bankruptcy was a possibility (reminder, the company now owes billions in the leveraged takeover Musk used)


80-hour work weeks will be needed to modify the platform (reminder, Musk fired half of the workforce)


It's too bad that Twitter is imploding. We really did want to see it succeed but Musk is learning that the "culture tech" of social media is very different than the hard tech of electric cars and spacecraft.  

Where to Next?

Where will advertisers look now that Twitter is souring? There are many options to choose from, just some:


Facebook: sure, it's old but it has groups and good filtering algorithms


Reddit: this text-based global forum could have useful sub-reddits for pharma


TikTok: for the younger crowd who are starting to use it for everything including search


Snapchat: why not re-investigate the previous darling?


Mastodon: investigate this alternative, but beware it will be a while before its numbers rival Twitter


NOTE: this is a Wire article, not the official Klick Health POV. For that contact your Klick representative.


Read the full story from The Independent
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Klick Health filling out leadership of global offices
Source: Endpoints News
Image adapted for email from Endpoints News source

Klick has announced leadership in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with an Asia Pacific announcement soon. Two new names are:


Jennifer Lambert is Managing Director of the EMEA business, joining from WPP where she was most recently chief health officer at Wunderman Thompson Health International.


Roberta Raduan is Managing Director of LATAM operations stationed in Sao Paulo. She was most recently managing director at Havas CX Brasil.


“We’re going to bring some of the tremendous talent and culture from Klick in North America to these markets, but also we’ll be doing the reverse,” said Ari Schaefer, Klick Health co-president. “…It’s really a bilateral exchange of value and culture that’s going to enhance Klick as we evolve into this new global footprint.”


The article also has other goings-on at Klick as we strengthen the core and expand our reach (that's a bit promotional -Ed.).

Read the full story from Endpoints News
Market Research
Consumer trends worldwide point to expression
Source: GWI

GWI has released its 2023 consumer trends report, focusing on non-health topics. Still, it's an interesting view into how consumers may act in the coming year. 

Social Catching Search

Consumers are getting closer to parity in the search vs. social race. Gen-Z passed over way back in 2017.

Image adapted for email from GWI source
Americans Want Customization

The US leads the global desire for customization when it comes to online personas. This market craves that creative control.

Image adapted for email from GWI source
Consumers' Mood Turns Darker

While this chart from the US report is humorous, it underlines the negative mood of many consumers heading into 2023. Not only do they worry about the illegal and immoral war in the Ukraine but they are becoming "crisis fatigued" about the environment. 

People can only care about so many things before they begin to turn off. It may be even harder to break through the attention wall in 2023 so make sure your creative is up to the challenge. This chart is the percent change in American listeners of the following music genres.

Image adapted for email from GWI source

For a global look at how consumers are feeling these reports (global and US) provide some insight.

Read the full story from GWI
How will the Inflation Reduction Act Affect You?

Congress has just enacted the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes far-reaching changes to the way that America pays for prescription drugs. Download this POV to find out more about how this new law works, when it will go into effect, and how it will affect the business landscape of the life sciences industry.

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Market Research
Autoimmune patients liked pharma more in 2021
Source: PatientView

PatientView has released a few condition-specific cuts of its reputation data. The data seems old as they label it 2021. That said, patients with autoimmune conditions had a higher opinion of pharma in 2021 over 2020.

The actual chart is "The percentage of respondent autoimmune patient groups stating that the pharma industry was “Very effective” or Effective” at supporting patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 v. 2020"

Image adapted for email from PatientView source

Read the full story from PatientView
Healthcare Strategy
Leaked video shows Amazon Clinic pivot
Source: The Verge

A leaked video ... well, actually mistakenly published ... shows "Amazon Clinic." This looks like a virtual primary care offering  from the ecommerce giant and yet another experiment after the shuttering of Amazon Care.

Image adapted for email from The Verge source

Read the full story from The Verge
Social Media
Where to move Twitter budget?
Source: eMarketer

With all the news surrounding Twitter right now marketers are wondering if there are other places to put budget. Unsurprisingly in this competitive market there are plenty.

Trust In YouTube

When it comes to user trust, YouTube is the current top platform.

Image adapted for email from eMarketer source
Nothing Succeeds Like Success

For buyers looking for safety, you can always just double down on the most popular platforms.

Image adapted for email from eMarketer source

Read the full story from eMarketer
Onduo shows power of behavior apps
Source: FierceBiotech

Alphabet's Verily mHealth group revealed a study at the American Heart Association’s annual scientific sessions that shows how effective its app is. 

On average, after using Onduo for about nine months, participants saw their HbA1c levels drop about 0.3%, compared to the 0% change in blood sugar levels they registered after their previous wellness programs. Meanwhile, fasting glucose levels dropped about 8.8%, a marked improvement from the 6.8% increase that users reported after their 2020 programs.


It's not a panacea but benefits like this from a behavior modification app are worth looking at by marketers seeking adjunct tech for their treatments.

Read the full story from FierceBiotech
Social Media
BeReal growth, need more data
Source: Marketing Charts

Marketing Charts highlighted up some BeReal data to September but we really want more up-to-date numbers on installs and actual usage.

Image adapted for email from Marketing Charts source

Read the full story from Marketing Charts
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